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Staying Ahead of the Game

Managed IT Services / Operations

In a business’ journey converting a healthy top line to a healthy bottom line, a significant contributing factor is operational excellence.

At Fastcom, we bring excellence to IT & Cloud infrastructure operations. By increasing availability and reducing costs, we strongly believe that IT Operations Management provides a strategic advantage to our clients.

We efficiently run and manage every aspect of your IT & cloud operations starting with base operating system management to full-fledged system administration services.

Fastcom Managed IT Services ensure that your business-critical applications are always available to you and your customers.

Software Engineering

We design mobile, web, desktop applications , data processing systems (.NET, Java), database systems (OracleDB, MS SQL, PostgreSQL), firmware, and systems operating in the cloud. We have extensive knowledge of industrial communication protocols. We have been specializing in software development and implementation of home and industrial IT systems for over 20 years.


Managed Networks

Our Network Engineer team has in-depth knowledge of the interconnected fabric that facilitates communication across data channels that transmit your business information. With our managed network services, there is no illusion of communication taking place, there is surety — with zero loss of information and value.

Our Managed Network services cover a wide array of network topologies. From in-house networks with your own equipment to cloud based infrastructure – private, public or hybrid, our engineers keep your information roadways humming.

Managed Security

Cyber Security has become a major challenge, if not one of the greatest challenges of our times. Hackers are constantly updating attack vectors, and seeking new ones.

Systematic coordinated attacks by hackers and in some cases state sponsored organizations to spy on individual and organizational data are launched to steal identities and intellectual property or to simply render your servers unavailable to you and your customers. Theft or loss of data can impact your business for years.

We take a holistic approach to security by deploying best practices and tools at each layer of your infrastructure to secure the data served by respective layers.

Cloud Architecture

There is rarely a modern town that is not adorned by a bridge or two, yet few traveling on those bridges pay attention to their existence, let alone their craftsmanship and architecture! The function of bridges — to connect people, facilitate trade and open up opportunities — is what drives their design and architecture.

Fastcom’s approach to cloud architecture is akin to that of bridge architecture – designed to last, built to connect, and structured to hold the future of your business on its shoulders.

We work with you to deploy architecture that is resilient, cloud native, scalable, secure, and accommodates the growth of your business.

Digital Transformation

Rapidly changing business environments and customer engagement models require companies to continuously introduce digital transformation to prosper and compete.

To help clients cope with this challenge, Fastcom provides consultancy and solutions design for digital transformation/ innovation program development and implementation


Monitoring and Alerting

There are businesses that get lucky and sail by in calm waters, and there are those that survive by their ability to ride the rough waters, but the ones that succeed are those who venture into uncharted waters!

Successful businesses are constantly monitoring their surroundings; they have innate knowledge of normalcy, and have systems in place to detect anomalies in patterns – both internal and external.

They quickly acclimate to change, are acutely aware of shifts in patterns, and they stay ahead by being alert and raising their game.

Fatcom with your team to implement a comprehensive Cloud monitoring solution that covers your entire digital footprint. We use a combination of tools and human intelligence to establish baselines to maintain the health and heartbeat of your IT and cloud infrastructure.