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Kasif Backup
Backup appliance, Governance & DR
Scalable backup target providing full text content search, distributed deduplication
self-service restore & cloud-ready migration.
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Scale Out Storage Optimization

Kasif Backup optimizes data volumes and eliminates data silos by consolidating volumes into a data centric architecture while applying storage reduction technologies.

Kasif Backup Appliance complements existing enterprise backup software as a storage target by applying compression and Object Dedupe to backups, automatically deduplicating replica backups, and limiting growth of redundant copies. It scales linearly by adding additional nodes granting organizations the flexibility of a pay-as-you-growbuilding block approach


Data Protection & Security

Backup Appliance provides end-to-end data protection and security for efficient and reliable recovery. It protects data from loss, corruption or system failure,both with hardware and software approaches, including RAID6 and checksum integrity verification. For security, it offers 7 different industry proven encryption policies and is integrated with enterprise identity management infrastructure, such as Active Directory and LDAP.

  • Dual Parity RAID6
  • Integrity Checksums
  • Periodic Scrubbing
  • Lifecycle Restore
  • AD Auth & RBAC
  • Secure
  • Encryption

Seamless Information Governance

Kasif Backup Appliance provides high performance on demand access toprotected data. It inspects and indexes the content of enterprise backup softwarepayloads and retrieves individual objects via the Distributed Metadata Repository. Itprovides a powerful information governance framework, with manual or automatedpolicy-driven retention and disposal meeting regulatory compliance mandates for datamanagement. Also, addressing legal risk, it can accelerate the eDiscovery process byover 95%, with instant Map/Reduce driven search across the MetaBase, combined withsingle click application of legal hold to a dataset of search results

  • Content Inspection
  • Self-Service Search
  • E-Discovery &Restore
  • Legal Hold
  • Transparent Data Governance

Cloud Integration

Kasif provides you to able to integrate your data to cloud.

Kasif Backup Appliance enables cloud storage pools with leading third partyproviders with an integrated cloud gateway to benefit from economies of scale.Additionally, it allows companies to form their own private clouds
to operate theirbackup storage-as-a-service, or clients can use hybrid combinations of public and private clouds to gain the greatest benefits from the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Kasif provides any required level of data availability and protection against media, node or site failure, in addition to offering grid-based failovers, auto-redirection and a geo-dispersed failsafe copy in the event of outages

  • High Availability Architecture
    Kasif Backup provides a comprehensive scalable platform providing high availability data access for internal and external service users, even in the event of a data center outage.
  • Automated Failover
    Kasif Backup provides high availability data access and ensures uptimes through delivery of scalable data replication systems and automated failover and auto-redirection in the event of an outage.
  • Backup Storage Target
    KasifBackup compliments existing enterprise backup software, operating as a backup target and applying storage reduction technologies to data volumes while indexing backup content.


Some other features

Features Kasif
Storage Management
Powerful Object Storage
Email, File,Database Archiving
Policy Management
Security & Audit
Search & E-Discovery
Big Data Analytics
Compression, Encryption, DeDuplication and Tiering policies

Kasif Data Integration

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